CuteStone Toy Medical Kit

CUTE STONE Toy Medical Kit

Complete Construction Truck Playset


  • Realistic Sound and Lights
  • Child-friendly Design
  • Play medical kit
  • Portable Storage Case
  • Role Play

Various Toy Doctor Kit for Toddlers

This pretend play medical kit set includes electronic Stethoscope, Blood Pressure Cuff, Otoscope, Oral Mirror, Thermometer, Flashlight, Eye Medicine Bottle, Liquid Medicine Bottle, Syringe, Medical record card, Tray, Forceps, ID Tag, Scissors, Tooth hook, Dental drill, Toothbrush, Dental Forceps, Pills, Capsule Bottles, Eyeglasses, Toothpaste, Scalpel, Denture, Pill Box, Disposable mask, Visual testing chart and Case.


CuteStone Toy Medical Kit FAQ